A little about the blogger, Audrey Phillips

I’ve been working for my father, Charles Phillips, for over 13 years. I started out painting furniture for his business during college before branching out to my own business in 2010. My business, Audrey Phillips Paint and Design, originally started as painting furniture for customers in need. It eventually blossomed into business/store layouts, decor, and designing store fronts. I assist my dad, Charles, daily in deciding the right finishes on his designs and helping the guys in the finish shop bring them to life. In addition to the design process, I work with all outside sales pertaining to, but not limited to the dealers, decorators and wholesalers across the great wide United States. I’m excited to bring you along on the journey of our process here at Charles Phillips Antiques!

I’m hoping you will find what we do at Charles Phillips to be fun, knowledgeable and entertaining. We will be discussing everything from the start of the building process to the end. Along the way we will bring you tips and tricks to achieving the right look for your space!

Talk to you soon!

Audrey Phillips Lapeyrouse

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