Charles Phillips’ Gift Guide


Happy Tuesday everyone!  Even though we don’t sell online, we do want to join in the fun and bring you an online gift guide!  Bring it with you when you come down, or better yet, give it to your “significant other” so he knows exactly what you want for Christmas!

Christmas presents can be challenging.  Maybe you have a new mother-in-law this year?  I know all too well because my dad is a hard one.  In this guide, I am hoping to help you find the perfect gift for everyone on your list.  I even have a few host gift suggestions.  If you cannot decide or live too far away, we have gift cards available! Did you hear that?  You don’t even have to choose the present.  Whew.  Just send them a card and you’re done!

Let’s jump into this.


Smalls.  These gifts are good for everyone, maybe even a gift for yourself for the hard work of shopping.  Smalls are the easiest to travel with, so give to a love one who is traveling for the holiday or if you have a tight car ride yourself.  Also, smalls are great host presents!  I recommend keeping one of our dough bowls on hand for a last minute present.

  1. White Olive Jars. $38-$275/each
  2. Carved Column tops. $45-$95/each
  3. Eastern European Dough bowls. Most are $68. Some large round are $75-$125.
  4. Carved Corner brackets. $35-$110/pairs
  5. Teak Round bowls. $85-$95/each


  1. Decorative hand carved teak.  $38/single
  2. Small Eastern European baskets. $28/each
  3. Crosses made from French molding. $38-$85/each
  4. Hand-carved Teak bookends. $110/pair
  5. Hand blown glass fruit jars. $28-$32/each
  1. Baby Bathtubs. $95/each
  2. Antique bread paddle. $40/each
  3. Paprika drying baskets. $85/each
  4. Charles Phillips logo hats. $15/each
  5. Gift Certificates. Any amount available.


Next, we have medium sized items.  These include side tables, small chests of drawers, benches, coffee tables, etc.  These items are good for the new family, or a growing family.  Again, it could be the item you want to send your significant other down to our shop to get for you!

  1. Crank Table. $475/each
  2. Unique Eastern European Cabinet with many drawers. $675
  3. Round side tables. $245-$325/each
  4. Shutter side tables. $245/each
  5. Arch Mirrors. $210/pair
  1. Pine Chest of Drawers. $625-$675/each
  2. Rolling Factory Cart. $385/unfinished. $475/finished
  3. Small Eastern European Storage bench. $475
  4. Mirror made from 1880s French door. $475
  5. Small French Bombay chest. Can be painted any color. $285
  1. Pine server/chest. $475
  2. Side table chests. $425/each
  3. Mirrors made from French windows. Left to right: $90/each; $210/pair; $475/each
  4. Mirrors made from 1880s French doors. $325/each
  5. Mirros mode from French windows. Front to back. $185/pair; $225/pair

Family Sized

Last, we have what I would like to call the “family present.”  This is the item that can be bought together as a “this is what we are getting ourselves for Christmas…maybe add birthday and anniversary.”  We hear that a lot in the shop.  The item that is the finishing touch to the house you’ve just remodeled, built, or bought.  You get the picture.  The present that means you might not be getting anything else from Santa. (Maybe a few smalls listed above? A girl can dream)

  1. Industrial work table/Island. $1275
  2. Bookcase/Storage cabinet made from French window unit and shutters. $875.00
  3. Console/Foyer piece made with French balcony iron. $1175
  4. Bookshelf made from French Doors and hand-carved molding. $1675
  1. Eastern European shop cabinet. $2800
  2. Long pine cabinets. $875-$1875/each
  3. Bookself made from Iron French doors and transom. $1875
  4. Shutter Console with carved French door panel ends. $1125
  5. Mirror made from 1920s French window. $1075
  1. Island from Eastern Europe. $1275
  2. Queen Headboard made with top of hand-carved French door. $675
  3. Farm house table. Can be made to order. $875-$1075/depends on length
  4. Shutter Bookself. $725


Enjoy your holiday shopping!


Audrey Phillips Lapeyrouse

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